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Photo:Tadcaster Primitive Methodist chapel entry in the 1851 Religious Census

Tadcaster Primitive Methodist chapel entry in the 1851 Religious Census

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By Christopher Hill

There are at least two accounts in the Primitive Methodist magazine of the opening of a Primitive Methodist chapel in Tadcaster.

The first account is of a chapel opening on September 27th 1820. Preachers at the opening were Nathaniel West, Sister Woolhouse Brother Farrar and John Woolhouse, who wrote the report.

The second account reports that Tadcaster Primitive Methodist chapel was opened on Sunday and Monday 26th and 27th December 1830. Preachers at the opening were Brothers Clowes & Holliday on the Sunday and Brother Clowes on the Monday.

The new chapel was galleried at the front.  Prospects had "become more cheering".

The opening is described by Richard Saul in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1831.

In the Religious Census of 1851 Rev John Harvey, the minister, reported that the average congregation was 50 in the afternoon and 120 in the evening.

Hillside Primitive Methodist chapel The Primitive Methodist Chapel was built in 1864 at a cost of £1,008. It closed in 1962 and was demolished some 10 years later to make way for the Hillside estate. Was Hillside chapel built on the same site as the 1820 or the 1830 chapel. There is a picture of Hillside chapel on the Tadcaster Methodist church website; click here.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1821 page 95/6

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