Old Buckeningham (Old Buckenham) Primitive Methodist chapel

location of current (2017( Old Buckenham (Primitive) Methodist chapel

44 Hargham Rd, Old Buckenham NR17 1PD

By Christopher Hill

The Primitive Methodist magazine contains on account by W Bellham of the opening of what is called Old Buckeningham Primitive Methodist chapel.  The village is almost certainly Old Buckenham and in the magazine index is spelled like that. However, in the text of the description it is spelled Buckeningham on no fewer than eight occasions.

Opening services took place on 26th September 1833. Preachers included Sister E Allen, Brother Peart and Brother Flesher. J Davenport is also named.

The chapel, which was in the Brandon circuit, measured 21'(w) x 39'(l) x 15'(h). Mr Bailes built the chapel and the society paid him £8 per annum rent.

The current (2017) Old Buckenham chapel is on Hargham Rd. It carries a date stone but I can't quite read on Google StreetView what it says.  It could be 1877.

What is that date? Is this chapel in the same location as the 1833 one?


Primitive Methodist magazine 1834 page 182 

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