Padbury Primitive Methodist chapel

approximate location of a former Primitive Methodist chapel in Padbury

By Christopher Hill

In the Primitive Methodist magazine for December 1842, Samuel Turner notes the opening of Padbury Primitive Methodist chapel on the 9th April 1841.

"Padbury.  A neat chapel, built of brick, and slated, twenty-four feet long, and sixteen wide, regularly settled on the Connexion. It was opened for Divine worship on Good Friday, and the following Sunday, 1841. The collections were liberal."

The 1851 ecclesiastical census shows the attendance at Padbury Primitive Methodist chapel was:

10 - Afternoon General Congregation
20 - Evening General Congregation

A Primitive Methodist chapel is shown on the 1880 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey map on the north side of Lower Way, but which building the label relates to is not clear. By the 1899-1900 map the label has disappeared. On Google Street View in May 2011 there are individual houses of varying age in the area.



Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1842 Pages 454

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