Threapwood Head Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former Threapwood Head Primitive Methodist chapel

Chapel House Chapel Lane Threapwood ST10 4QZ

By Christopher Hill

On 6th Feb 1836, Thomas Russell wrote an account of the opening of Threapwood Head Primitive Methodist chapel in the Longton circuit and sent it to the Primitive Methodist magazine.  

Opening services took place on 02/08/1835 and were conducted by Brother James Bourne.  The chapel measured 18' (w) x 24' (l) and contained eight rising pews.

The Fowler family of Brown Bank Farm had laboured indefatiguably to raise money to meet the £100 cost.

The chapel was still in existence as a Methodist church on the Ordnance Survey map of 1955 but has disappeared by 1970.  Chapel House is clearly visible on StreetView.  Was this the chapel?


Primitive Methodist magazine 1836 page 230


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