Swallowfield (Riseley) Primitive Methodist chapel

Chapel Lane, Riseley RG7 1QU

Swallowfield (Riseley) Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1867 register of places of worship records a Primitive Methodist preaching place (not necessarily a chapel) at Riseley Common, Swallowfield and the 1894 Primitive MEthodist magazine contains a note confirming that a new chapel and school were in the course of construction at Swallowfield. It was in the Reading station.

The 1909 Ordnance Survey map shows a Primitive Methodist chapel on Chapel Lane Рin a settlement labelled Riseley on Google maps but Swallowfield West on the 1909 OS map. It is still labelled as a Primitive Methodist chapel  on the 1975 map (43 years after Primitive Methodists ceased to exist).  Street View in 2009 shows it still in existence, but in residential use.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1894 September page 717

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  • According to the religious census of 1851 (HO 129 128/Pt 1/7) the first chapel at Swallowfield Common was built in 1846 and could seat 80. Nevertheless George Harwood (prayer leader) reported afternoon and evening congregations of 90 and 105. There was also a morning Sunday school.Clearly a flourishing cause in its day.
    The Reading Circuit plans for 1846, reproduced elsewhere on this site, include Swallowfield and at least one of the local preachers on the plan is from the settlement, which suggests the cause had been existence for a bit longer.

    By Philip Thornborow (15/09/2021)

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