Peterborough New Road Primitive Methodist chapel

New Road Peterborough

Engraving published in the Christian Messenger 1867

In the Primitive Methodist magazine there are accounts by J Ashworth of the foundation stone laying and later opening of Peterborough New Road Primitive Methodist chapel.

The foundation stones were laid on April 24th 1862, with services booked in the Congregational chapel and tea in the Corn Exchange.  They had a system of bricklaying to raise funds – well off patrons paid £1 for each.

In the account of the opening he spends a long time bemoaning the fact that Primitive Methodists received fewer large donations than other denominations; then he tells us about the new chapel.

In harmony with these views, we have erected a substantial and somewhat inviting chapel, in one of the most eligible parts of the city of Peterborough, which was opened for Divine worship on Thurs day, Sept. 18th, 1862. The Rev. W. Antliff, of London, preached an appropriate sermon at three o’clock. A. public tea was provided at five, in the Corn Exchange, to which a goodly number sat down; after which a public meeting was hold. The chair was occupied by the writer, and addresses were delivered by the Revs. W. Antliff, G. Bell, of Cambridge, R. Barron, of Ramsey, T. Barrass, A. Murray, and W. C. Tansom, of Peterborough. Sermons were preached on the three following Sabbaths by the Revs. W. Antliff, W. Sanderson, A. Murray, T. Barrass, J. Ashworth, W. C. Tansom, and Mr. W. Pentney. The congregations were good, and about £150 were realised.

The chapel is 66 ft. long, 36 ft. wide, and 23 ft. from floor to ceiling. It has 32 pews in  the centre, three on each side, and the remaining space is occupied by free seats ; and it will accommodate about 400 per sons. We have adopted a platform pulpit, and have made provision for a gallery by inserting timber in the walls. The front is built of white press bricks, with stone facings. It is approached by five steps, each 16 ft. long, leading into a neat portico. In consequence of not being able to have light from the side walls, we have adopted a dome or lanthorn light, which, in addition to its utility, gives a very good effect to the interior of the building.

Behind the chapel there are two class-rooms, 12 ft. by 8 ft, and a school-room 37 ft, by 16 ft. The whole cost is about .£1,300, towards which we have realised about £450. We tender our sincere thanks to Mr. Isaac Edis for .£100, Mr. Lee for £20, Mr. Bennett for £15, T. Hankey, Esq., M.P., and G. H. Whalley, Esq., M.P., for £5 5s. each ; and to all who have aided us in this important work.”

The chapel in New Road closed in 1953.


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Transcription of Article in the Christian Messenger 1867

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