Jersey Aquila Road Primitive Methodist Chapel

Aquila Road was the principal base in Jersey of the Primitive Methodists. The first Primitive Methodist missionary preached in Jersey in 1832 and services were initially held in a hired room in Garden Lane and then a room in Poonah Road. A church was built at the corner of Aquila Road – opening on 6 December 1839 – and the adjacent manse / chapel keeper’s cottage would also appear to date to the mid-19thcentury period. Follow the link to view the Historic Building Assessment.

Further history regarding Aquila Road can be found by following this link to theislandwiki. A picture of the chapel can be found by following this link to theisalndwiki. A picture of the interior can be found here.

The 1941 Methodist Statistical Return identifies Aquila Road as the only remaining ex-primitive Methodist Chapel still open in Jersey. It was built of stone, sat 450 in pews and had 2 school halls and five additional rooms.

Jersey Heritage, Archives & Collections has the following records:

  • Ref. J/C/H/R2/1-7: Station (Circuit) Reports for Aquila Road & Beaumont Primitive Methodist Sunday Schools, c.1878-1932.
  • Ref. J/C/H/P/14: Primitive Methodist Connexion Schedules, Aquila Road & Beaumont Chapels, 1868. Other later years, various reference numbers.
  • Ref. J/C/B/A/1: PM Circuit/Chapel, Aquila Rd., Quarterly Meetings Book & Papers, 1909.
  • Ref. J/C/H//D (O?) 10: List of PM Chapels Deeds.
  • Ref. J/C/H/X/2: Booklet. Celebration of 150 years of Aquila Street PM Chapel, Jersey, 1839-1989.
  • Ref. J/C/H/R1/1-4: Sunday School Minutes Book(s), Aquila Rd., PM Sunday School, 1841-1851, 1863-1870, 1885-1928, 1950-1976.
  • Ref. J/C/H/A/1-4: Baptism Registers, 1839-1990.
  • Ref. J/C/H/X/1: Centenary 1832-1932, History, List of Preachers and Lay Members, etc. PM Chapel.
  • With other various references, there are other PM documents.

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  • The enlargement of the chapel in 1866 is reported in the 1866 December Primitive Methodist magazine (pages 752-753) by W Tubb. After the rebuilding which cost £600 it seated 700.
    The plans for the enlargement were drawn by W Tubb and N Fallize (a Sunday school teacher). Speakers at the celebrations included Revs T Jobling, HJ Pring, AJ Murry and P Labdon.
    The description has lots of detailed description, including comments on the ventilation.

    By Christopher Hill (02/05/2019)

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