Bulkeley Jubilee Primitive Methodist Chapel Cheshire

This Chapel was built and opened in 1861. It was closed for worship in 2011.

Is this plaque a boundary marker?
Bulkeley: Return from the Primitive Methodist preaching place to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
transcribed by David Tonks

The chapel is now empty and waiting for a new beginning.

The chapel is to be auctioned in May 2016.

Photos taken May 2012.

OS Map ref: 117:SJ532545

Additional information (CH 11/2020)

In 1851 the society was meeting in a preaching house – see the return to the Census of Places of Public Religious Worship.

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  • I served as a Student Pastor in the Nantwich & Burland Circuit, of which Bulkeley Chapel was a part, from 1962-1963, after leaving Cliff College, & whilst offering as a Candidate for the Methodist Ministry. The annual ‘Camp Meeting’ still had a place on the Church Calendar, though I cannot recall whether or not we had one that year. 

    Like the Pastors who preceded & followed me, I lodged with twin sisters, the Misses Nance & Edith Billington, who played a major part in the Church’s life, together with the Johnson & Nightingale families. Like other Churches in the Circuit they were very proud of the Primitive Methodist roots, & maintained a level of independence in inviting Preachers (of whom they approved!) from other Circuits to fill in spaces on the Plan which the Superindent Minister & myself could not fill. 

    Worship, as I recall, at Bulkeley Chapel was always a pleasure to conduct, & the Congregation responsive.

    By Rev.David J.Griffiths (23/02/2014)

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