Hough Primitive Methodist chapel

Cobbs Lane, Hough CW2 5GZ

former Hough Primitive Methodist chapel
Christopher Hill April 2019

Hough Primitive Methodist chapel opening is described in the Primitive Methodist magazine. It was in the Sandbach circuit.

“At this place we have been much inconvenienced for want of a chapel, but through the good providence of God, and the united efforts of our society and friends, we have succeeded in erecting one, 27 feet by 24 feet. Opening sermons were preached August 5th, 1860, by Mr. R. Mayer, of Newcastle, and on August 19th by Mr. J. Broad, of Congleton, at which services the sum of £22. 3s. 8¾d. was obtained. It is expected that about one-half of the cost will be realized. In addition, to free seats, there are forty-nine sittings, which, are all let, and more are wanted.”

The concluding servgicees of the opening were held in October 1860 by T Bateman and WR Johnson made a notable donation.

The chapel is used in 2018 as the Resource centre for the Englesea Brook Museum. With the opening of the Open Access store at the museum in April 2019, this will change.


Primitive Methodist magazine November 1860 page 689

Primitive Methodist magazine February 1861 page 116


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  • I’ve added a picture of Hough chapel. It struck me that as the chapel has been used by Englesea Brook Museum of Primitive Methodism for the past few years, it really should have a picture on the website!

    By Christopher Hill (07/04/2019)
  • It is interesting that the Chapel is used as a Resource Centre for Englesea Brook Museum.

    On a Google Sat-Map the stone plaque wording on the building to the right can no longer be read and painted black.

    The stone plaque on the building to the left looks now odd with the wording out of place because the first word ‘Primitive’ has been removed. However, the first word can be restored if not already since the Google Sat-Map.

    Some people (usually without much understanding) when taking over a PM Chapel, e.g., to turn it into a home, etc.,  don’t like the word Primitive so they remove it or the whole plaque, yet with some planning permission there is usually a clause that the exterior if not the interior has to be kept traditional, etc.

    Our stone plaque I (Ray) restored, it reading ‘Primitive Methodist Chapel 1859’. However, although we personally would not want to remove the plaque or alter the wording, a clause in the planning permission states that the exterior of the Chapel has to be kept traditional, but the interior can and was modernised for domestic usage.

    The removal of the word ‘Primitive’ from a stone plaque is historically misleading for some, often concluding it was built has a Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, even though it may have become one after c.1932 or later.

    Cheshire Archives & Local Studies has the following information relating to this chapel:

    Ref. EMS 377. Hough Primitive Methodist Chapel: See the archive’s annual returns. There is from c.1915 to c. 1932, etc., some records for this Chapel, including Trust Minutes.

    There is also Ref. ZCR 55. This is for the Chester Methodists, but they also includes areas of Cheshire Primitive Methodist documents.

    Kind regards,

    Ray & Marie, in Cumberworth, Lincolnshire. 



    By Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella) (11/02/2018)

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