Lower Withington Primitive Methodist Chapel

Chapel Lane, Lower Withington, Cheshire

April Cottage in Chapel Lane, the former Lower Withington Primitive Methodist chapel. The chapel closed in the 1950s.
Elaine and Richard Pearce November 2014
The former Lower Withington Primitive Methodist chapel has had several extensions.
Elaine and Richard Pearce November 2014
Date plaque at Lower Withington Primitive Methodist chapel. There may have been a chapel before this, from 1847
Elaine and Richard Pearce November 2014
Lower Withington: Return from the Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
transcribed by David Tonks

Lower Withington Primitive Methodist Chapel (former address may have been Old Withington) is only a few miles from Mow Cop in Cheshire.  As far as I can judge, my ancestors were founder members and lived on a farm nearby.  My grandfather (Herbert Walker) and his family were key members and he played the organ.  His three children attended there.  His youngest child, May Walker, was my mother.  My brother, my sister and I also attended there as children.  Even though my grandfather was bandmaster at the large Wesleyan church a couple of miles away, as far as I can judge, he remained a ‘Prim’ at heart until he died in the early 1950s.

We held camp meetings with the music led by Lower Withington Brass Band and my grandfather conducted, the preacher stood on a farm cart and we had a fabulous time.   The Prim Chapel closed soon after my grandfather died and was converted into a house.  Most of its members moved to the Wesleyan Church down the road.  I am interested in the early history of the chapel, built around 1875.

I have found the reports of meetings in the Chester archives from c. 1945 up to the time of closing, but have not been able to find anything from 1875-1945.  It is possible that they are stored elsewere; possibly somewhere in the Congleton Circuit?  Can anyone help?  Is there an archivist in the Congleton Circuit?  Any help would be appreciated.
What a wonderful Web Site.

Thank you.   Philip Dale

[Editor’s note: OS Map Ref: 118 : 828707]

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  • The Builder, vol. 109, issue 3791, page 250, 1st. Oct., 1915:
    PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL, LOWER WITHINGTON, CHESHIRE, – Boyle’s latest “air-pump” ventilator has been applied to the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lower Withington, Cheshire.


    By Raymond E. O. Ella (28/08/2021)
  • I’ve added a transcript of the entry for Lower Withington to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship. It was completed by John Dakin, the steward, and tells us that the chapel was opened in 1847 so was the forerunner of the Chapel Lane chapel pictured above.
    The footprint of the chapel does not change between the 1872 and 1909 Ordnance Survey maps so it looks as though the 1874 date commemorates a renovation rather than a completely new chapel.

    By Christopher Hill (21/09/2020)
  • There is an account of the opening of what it calls Withington Primitive Methodist chapel in the Congleton circuit by H Leigh in the Primitive Methodist magazine (April 1848 page 248). The opening date was January 9th 1848; for more detail, see the article.

    By Christopher Hill (07/05/2019)
  • Cheshire Archives & Local Studies:

    Ref. EMS 87: Titled Lower Withington Methodist Church, former Primitive Methodist Chapel, opened at Chapel Lane in 1847. The Methodist Church closed 1953. Various documents c.1904-1932, 1933-1950s.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (18/07/2018)
  • Hi Philip,

    I remember the little prim chapel well. Goingwith my family, wearing little lacey white gloves and the camp meetings. There is more, many happy menories. I have lost Graham’s number but i do hope Margaret is getting better. I have more more memories but not to well so takes time and effort to email.

    Best wishes 2nd cousin Liz

    By elizabeth marion appleby nee kennerley (18/02/2016)

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