Spurstow PM Chapel Cheshire

Chapel was built or opened in 1844

Spurstow PM Chapel was closed in 1996. The chapel was sold with planning permission to convert into a residential property in 2012.

Photos taken May 2012

OS ref:117;SJ556569

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  • A further visit for more family history research in the area .Visited 29 Sept 2013 on the 100th anniversary of my grandparents wedding. Good to see that it has been developed with sympathy and is still called Spurstow Chapel

    By Les Mullineux (06/10/2013)
  • My family lived close to the chapel for many years in the mid-nineteenth century and I believe my great-great grandfather John Dodd was a lay preacher.

    By Libby Dodd (06/08/2013)
  • I went to Sunday school at this chapel when I lived in Spurstow in the 1950’s. I remember it fondly and especially when I was an angel the Nativity play one Christmas. I would be interested in seeing how the development progresses.

    By Jean Dunn (nee Livingston) (22/02/2013)
  • This is where my grandparents were married in 1913 but both were dead by 1919. I know it has been empty for many years but am glad to see it is now going to be developed. Made a visit to it on 25 June as part of my family history researches and will watch its development over the next months.

    By Les Mullineux (26/06/2012)

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