Woodley Primitive Methodist Chapel, Cheshire

Built 1868

Christian Messenger 1922
Picture added by Geoff Dickinson, 1 April 2016
Band of Hope membership certificate for Jessie Grant Browne, 1867
Joanne Davy
Ministers House in Woodley, still standing and not far from the Methodist Church in Woodley, Stockport.
Supplied by Arthur Steevens

Between Stockport and Hyde, thus historically in Cheshire, records of baptisms and marriages are in Manchester archives.


There is an account by Samuel Smith & Henry Stafford in the Primitive Methodist magazine of the opening of Woodley Primitive Methodist chapel in the Stockport circuit. Services took place on 3rd and 20th March 1836 and preachers were Bros T Holliday, J Flesher, J A Bastow and Rev N K P (Independent Minister).

The chapel measured 30′ wide by 42′ long and 30′ high. It had a deep gallery at one end with two large school rooms.  Thanks were due to S Aston and his lady for their liberal support and gift of 237 books, one for each scholar. (added by CH 05/2017)


Primitive Methodist magazine 1836 p.423


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  • The Primitive Methodist magazine for January 1861 (page 52/53) contains an account by William Stafford of the laying on October 20th 1860 of the foundation stone for new Sunday schools at Woodley.

    The Revs. R. Kaye and S.Stafford opened the service, Mr. John Lees Buckley laid the stone and the Rev. W. Rowe delivered an interesting address.

    John Lees Buckley chaired the after tea meeting. Messrs. Huff
    man, S. Stafford, and W. Bowe were the speakers.

    By Christopher Hill (20/03/2018)
  • And I’ve added information to the page from the Primitive Methodist magazine about that previous chapel.

    By Christopher Hill (15/05/2017)
  • There was clearly a Primitive Methodist Chapel at Woodley before 1868, as this wonderful Band of Hope membership certificate shows (added above). Note that Samuel Buckley was the Secretary. Sadly, Jessie died on November 3, 1868 at the age of 7 years.  Her name lived on as her brother named his daughter after her, his only sister.  

    By Jill Barber (11/11/2016)
  • The foundation stone was laid by John Lees Buckley, who was an influential figure in the life of the church.

    By Jill Barber (08/01/2013)

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