Blowinghouse Primitive Methodist Chapel

Site of Blowinghouse PM Chapel?
Jo Lewis
Blowing House: return from the Primitive Methodist chapel to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship. Return no: 310 3 1 10
transcribed by David Tonks 2021

It is a little bit difficult to determine the exact location go the Blowinghouse Primitive Methodist Chapel site as old maps are slightly vague!

I think it was about here, possibly slight to the left of this photo – apparently the base of the meeting house remains are built next to the old stream works

Joel Blamey a Bible Christian convert was the  leader at the Blowinghouse / Grennifer Chapel but moved to Tuckingmill on the closure on this chapel in 1849.

Present on old maps the chapel disappears by 1908

Grid Reference: SW687417

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  • The Toll House, on the left, was built in 1864 replacing an earlier building but the date stone (1834) of the older building was incorporated into the wall of the new one.

    By P Barnett (18/07/2022)
  • Looking on street maps there might be an old building covered with leaves behind this row of three houses. There is also the blowing house nearby with date stone 1843 which could have been a church at some point.

    By Paul (18/07/2022)
  • Hi Tony
    This is Blowinghouse, Redruth.


    By Jo Lewis (18/03/2021)
  • Wondering where this Blowinghouse is as this name is used quite a lot in Cornwall.

    By Tony Mansell (22/12/2020)
  • I lived in the middle house of this row of three 40 years ago .I was told by the neighbours who had lived there much longer that our row of three used to be a brew house .
    Digging in the garden revealed lots of horse shoes.

    By B .Palmer (13/06/2020)

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