Higher Condurrow Primitive Methodist Chapel

A lost chapel

Site of Higher Condurrow PM Chapel?
Jo Lewis
310 4 1 6 : return from the Primitive Methodist chapel to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship. Return no: Condurrow
transcribed by David Tonks 2021
Higher Condurrow Primitive Methodist Chapel as marked on old Ordnance Survey maps

It is slightly challenging to determine the exact location of the Higher Condurrow PMC but it was  slightly further up from the cottages in the picture and has been replaced by a new house set back from the road called Rockery Cottage.

Built in 1826 and possibly rebuilt in 1843, it was still present on 1938 maps but it is gone by the 1960s. It became Condurrow Chapel.

SW churches site reference a build in 1826 and archived documents exist for the mortgage for the build in 1843:

  • Camborne Mortgage for £30 for land at Higher Condurrow, with Chapel or meeting house lately erected there.

Part of the 1843 mortgage document also notes :

  • “ Recites: 99 year lease, Edward William Wynne Pendarves to William Bawden, 14th June 1824 for piece of waste land, part of Condurrow Common, part of the manor of Treslothan”

which implies the lease on the land started in 1824. It may have taken some time to build so I would suggest that an 1828 date on the census is good enough for this chapel.

The Return  to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship comes from from Condurrow Primitive Methodist chapel rather than Higher Condurrow Primitive Methodist Chapel. It gives an erection date of 1828, but it may have taken some time to build so I would suggest that an 1828 date on the census is good enough for this chapel.

There is quite a lot if evidence to suggest there was a new build in 1888 which  was on the same site, as the maps show it in the same position between 1879 and 1907 with a subtle (but may be just mappings) footprint change.

It was closed in the 1950s.

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  • Further information and pictures of the first and second (yes, there was a rebuild in 1888) can be found in the Camborne Nostalgia group.


    By Jo Lewis (20/05/2021)
  • Hi Jo… I came across this page while looking for some info about the notable Camborne photographer William John Bennetts (1850-1943), who is connected to me through family history. There must be some wonderful old photographs of this chapel somewhere in the archives by him. I obtained this info from a web page which stated that he was a supporter of this Chapel. http://camborne.wikidot.com/photographers
    If the link does not work just google his name. The page is linked to the Camborne Old Cornwall Society.
    Fay from Australia

    By Fay Holmes (10/05/2021)
  • Hi Zoe!
    thanks for this, are you talking about the lovely little chapel round the corner which was Wesleyan, in Lower Condurrow?
    I did take a picture of that too, although no bean burgers were eaten!

    By Jo Lewis (08/05/2021)
  • My friend lives in it. It was actually further down the road from these houses and round the bend sat nav never gets it right. Proably a good thing you didn’t make it there or else they would have indoctrinated you into the life of hipped and made you eat bean burgers like the rest of us. You were so close. It’s a pretty old thing too xxx

    By Zoe (25/11/2020)

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