St Day Scorrier Street Primitive Methodist chapel

formerly in the Redruth Circuit

Janet Bastion
St Day: return from the Primitive Methodist chapel to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship. Return no: 310 1 2 8
transcribed by David Tonks 2021

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The return from the Primitive Methodist chapel in St Dayto the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship was completed by the minister, Levi Ramsden. It dates the chapel from 1843 and shows it filled to capacity and more  in the evening services.  There was also a substantial afternoon Sunday school.

Nine years later, O Pullen writes about the re-opening of St Day Primitive Methodist chapel in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1860.

“The re-opening services of our chapel at St. Day were held January 8th  and 10th , 1860 : on the former day the Rev. R. Killingrey preached morning and afternoon, and the writer in the evening ; on the latter day the writer preached in the morning, and the Rev. G. Johnson afternoon and evening. On Wednesday, January 18th , a tea-meeting, gratuitously provided, was held in the chapel ; after tea, the public meeting was presided over by Mr. R. Tolley, and addresses were delivered by Messrs. H. Worth, S. Kelley, and 0. Pullen. A blessed influence attended the whole of these services, and considering the unfavourableness of the weather, the congregations have been good, and the collections liberal. The chapel has been lengthened 17 feet, a lobby erected, four additional windows put in, and a centre piece, six feet in diameter ; it will seat about 340, being additional accommodation for 100 hearers. The whole of the cost will be about £130, towards which we shall perhaps obtain £50 by opening services, subscriptions, and donations. We tender our thanks to all who have assisted us in any way. Our prayer is that God may pour out His Spirit on us, and that the chapel may become the birth place of many souls.”


Primitive Methodist magazine March 1860 page 175


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  • There is a little confusion about all the St Day Chapels.

    This chapel pictured (Scorrier Street) is not present on 1880 maps and is thought to have been built in 1885. It is likely the successor to the original Primitive Methodist Chapel, on Telegraph Street (1880 map) which was built in 1828 on the site of the old thatched baptist chapel. The reopening ceremony above probably refers to the lengthening of this older chapel. By 1907, the Scorrier Street chapel is marked and the Telegraph chapel is not. The Telegraph Street building remained for some time, but is marked as a coal yard by the 1980s. There is now a new build on the site.

    By Jo Faux (11/03/2021)
  • A description of the chapel opening has been added to the page.

    By Christopher Hill (09/01/2018)

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