Castle Eden Primitive Methodist chapel

Thornley Circuit

Castle Eden: return from the Primitive Methodist chapel to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship. Return no: 546 1 4 10
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The return from the Primitive Methodist chapel at Castle Eden  Colliery to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship tells us that they were meeting in a building dating from 1842. Congregations of around 100 attended morning, afternoon and evening.  The return was completed by the steward, Andrew Thoubburn.

The 1882 Primitive Methodist magazine  tells us of the laying of a foundation stone for the new chapel at Castle Eden, then in the Thornley circuit.

This was one of two chapels being built in the circuit, the other being at Station Town ; they were expected to cost £1,000 together and “the prospects of our churches at these two places are good.”

Castle Eden chapel became part of the Wingate circuit in 1904.  We are told then that “Castle Eden passed into the new circuit, not as a source of strength, but as a source of weakness. The mine there was closed, the church was helpless and is helpless to-day. “

Where was the chapel and what happened to it?


Primitive Methodist magazine 1882 page 61

Christian Messenger 1919/74

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  • Castle Eden Colliery is better known by Hesleden these days. The old primitive Chapel later become the community centre in the middle of front street and now is a derelict building.

    By P (05/01/2024)

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