Coxhoe Central Primitive Methodist chapel

Front St, Coxhoe, DH6 4HF

Coxhoe PM Chapel pictured in 2007
W John Young
Wall plaque pictured in 2007
W John Young
Return from Coxhoe Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
transcribed by David Tonks 2020
former Coxhoe Central Primitive Methodist chapel

The opening of Coxhoe Primitive Methodist chapel (Thornley circuit) known as Central chapel is recorded in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1866. The final services to celebrate the opening of the chapel were held on May 27th 1866, but it took them a long time to get there.  James Morrison gave a site and the foundation stone of the chapel was laid a year earlier, on July 22nd 1865, but the contractor – a poor but hardworking man – had to deal with many difficulties, including a major storm at the end of the year which destroyed all the work to date. The trustees shared the extra cost with the contractor, since it wasn’t his fault.

Preachers at the opening services included Revs J Laverick, J Waite (who wrote the magazine article), JA Bastow; Messrs W Robson, T Archer, Capt McCulloch and Mrs Hall.  Donors included Capt McCulloch and  G Leeman MP

A Sunday school building was added in 1871.

The Coxhoe Local History group gives a broader account including some pictures of Primitive Methodism in Coxhoe:

  • in 1838 Primitive Methodists purchased two cottages at Foundry Row for worship and as a day school, although they had existed before this date. This is the chapel recorded in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
  • the early closure of the village’s coal mines affected the village’s population.  Primitive Methodist Chapel membership in 1873 was 126 – in 1879 it was 28.
  • Central Methodist Chapel closed when the society amalgamated with the former Wesleyan society at St. John’s to form St. Andrews Church in 1964. This was replaced with a new building in 2008.

On Google Street View in 2016 the chapel and adjacent Sunday school are used by Franks carpets


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Coxhoe Local History group website accessed 02/04/2019 at

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