Hebburn Primitive Methodist chapel

Return from Hebburn Colliery Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
transcribed by David Tonks
Hebbern on Tyne Primitive Methodist chapel: undated postcard showing architects drawing of the church
provided by Randle Knight

Two contrasting pieces of information about Hebburn Primitive Methodists:

  1. The return from the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
  2. an architects drawing dated 1913 labelled Primitive Methodist church, Hebbern on Tyne

Two questions:

  1. Do these relate to the same society?
  2. How do they relate to the other Hebburn chapels shown on other pages?

Comments about this page

  • Thanks for unscrambling the two Richard. I have amended the wording on the page.

    By Christopher Hill (23/09/2020)
  • The Census Return shows it as Hebburn Colliery – a different area to the centre of Hebburn. That being so, I would surmise that the return relates to the Society that became known as High Lane Row.
    They were established in 1823 and the chapel was built, according to our records, in 1843 (not 1848 as shown on the return). If that is the case, the architect’s sketch does not relate to the Colliery chapel.

    By Richard Jennings (08/09/2020)

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