Kelloe Primitive Methodist chapel

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Kelloe Primitive Methodist chapel

30 years after they first worshipped in Kelloe, in the winter of 1864-65, 35 new members joined the Kelloe Primitive Methodists  society.  They had been meeting in a cottage or colliery school room, but wanted a chapel.  They decided to collect money towards it for a year and then see how they had got on, but the money came in so fast, they decided to get on with it straight away.

The new chapel was planned to be 39′ x 42′ inside and 15′ high and would cost £250 of which they planned to raise £150. The colliery owners gave the site, the stone, some bricks, lime and a donation of £15. Miners worked an extra shift to raise money and others hewed stone for free.

The foundation stone was laid on August 5th 1865 by the resident viewer of the colliery, WF Hall. There was a celebration tea for 300 and  a public meeting. Speakers included Revs E  Hall, J Waite (who wrote a report for the Primitive Methodist magazine), J Laverick, W Brining and Messrs J Stark, W Sayers and W Beaney.

Initially I asked “Where was this chapel?”  What happened to it and the people who belonged there? Thanks to Howard Richter for finding it: see the comment below.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1866 page 46

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  • Kelloe was a mining community and when the pit stopped producing coal, sometime just after 1900, many of the miners and their families moved away to newly opened pits. Many, including my family, the Chalders, settled in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland and joined the Primitive Methodist Chapel there.

    By Tony Lawson (18/10/2021)
  • Thanks for locating the chapel; I’ve added the location map.

    By Christopher Hill (19/01/2021)
  • It appears in circuit 1057 in the 1940 list as Kelloe (High Raisby)

    It was at NZ 3440 3571

    By Howard Richter (19/01/2021)

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