Sunderland Southwick Primitive Methodist Chapel

Clockwell Street

Clockwell Street PM Chapel, Sunderland
Newcastle upon Tyne District Archives
Sunderland Southwick Primitive Methodist chapel, Clockwell Street
Christian Messenger 1907/106

The 1907 Christian Messenger tells us that “Southwick, which is really the western extremity of Sunderland, was invaded by the glorious pilgrims, who poured such energy into the work there that after a brief occupancy of a small chapel, the present chapel in Clockwell Street was built in 1860 and is to-day free of debt, as is also the schoolroom in Dene Terrace. One of the finest types of Primitive Methodist life is to be found worshipping and working in our Southwick Chapel. Some of the princes of our Israel have been associated with our cause at Southwick. Our oldest local preacher, J.P. Tiplady, once a minister in our Church, was an active worker here, and has recently gone to his eternal rest.”

The Primitive Methodist magazine of 1888 tells us of plans to add “commodious Sunday school accommodation at Southwick in the SUnderland First station.  It would boast thirteen classrooms to go with the main schoolroom.


Christian Messenger 1907/106

Primitive Methodist magazine September 1888 page 572

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  • An article about the Sunderland Third Circuit published in the Christian Messenger 1907 gives more information about this chapel.

    By Geoff Dickinson (20/07/2015)

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