Aspatria PM Chapel (1867), Cumberland

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Aspatria chapel was built in 1867 at a cost of £198.6.9½  There were 95 lettable and 105 free sittings. It was opened on 31 Oct 1869. It became a Sunday School when the new chapel opened in 1896. It not known when this user ceased. The building is now a community centre. (Cumbria Archive Service, Carlisle DFCM9/86/2, DFCM2/145; site visit 05.09.2015)

Aspatria PM Chapel (i), facade, 26.08.2015
G W Oxley
Aspatria PM Chapel (i), street frontage, 26.08.2015
G W Oxley
Aspatria PM Chapel (i), rear view, 26.08.2015 a
G W Oxley
Aspatria PM Chapel (i), side view, 26.08.2015
G W Oxley

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  • Think you will find your information is wrong, the photographs you have included are of Aspatria National School on King Street Aspatria. The Primative Methodist Church which became the Sunday School was on Lawson Street, Aspatria.

    By Carolyn Pattinson (10/07/2021)

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