Carlisle, Denton Holme/Graham Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, Cumberland

Graham Street Chapel was built of brick in 1881. The architect was Joseph Shields of 37 North Street, Durham. The plans approved by the local authority show a site with a frontage of 45 feet, a northern boundary of 96 feet and a southern boundary of 87 feet and six inches.

The street elevation of the chapel had three windows, two of two lights and a central on of three. There was a passage along the northern edge of the site leading the door into the chapel and to another door at the far end gave access to the vestry and the schoolroom which lay behind the chapel.

The chapel itself had three blocks of seating divided by two aisles and there was a communion area and platform at the schoolroom end. The schoolroom had a platform against its south wall. In the triangular plot behind the school room and vestry was a yard, toilets, coal store and boiler room. By 1940 the chapel had 140 sittings on forms. There was one other room.

Methodist occupancy had ceased by 1958 when and Elim congregation applied to extend the building. More recently the building was demolished and the site is now occupied by flats called Elim Court.

No image of the building has been located.



(Carlisle Library, 1A287, Methodist Property Statistics 1940, 1980; CASC DFCM/1/1/26, CA/E/4/1517; site visit 16.07.2015)

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  • The 1881 Primitive Methodist magazine (page 702) contains a note of the opening of a new Primitive Methodist school and chapel “in a needy part of Carlisle” which, from the date is likely to be this chapel. They had raised half of the cost of construction.

    There was already a school attended by 100 children

    By Christopher Hill (18/04/2020)
  • The 1881 Primitive Methodist magazine (page 381) contains a note of the laying of the foundation stones for a new Primitive Methodist school-chapel in “a needy part of the city” of Carlisle.

    By Christopher Hill (15/04/2020)

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