Hawes Junction; Mount Zion PM Chapel


Here is a link to the site of the Mount Zion (Hawes Junction) ex-PM Chapel which is just on the Cumbrian side of the North Yorkshire border and almost literally beneath the Settle-Carlisle Railway.

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  • Would it possible for me to add a second page under Yorkshire, i have a full history of the chapel & a large number of photos, circuit plans etc covering the dales & the eden valley, as my family were PM members from the beginning, but l’m not happy to add my information under Cumberland, sorry its a Yorkshire thing.!

    By Andrew Souter (06/10/2018)
  • So why are the other chapels under Yorkshire ,when they are now also in Cumbria, it makes no sense, sorry.  Chapel member at Mount Zion 5th generation.

    By Andrew Souter (03/02/2017)
  • Andrew,

    Thanks for your comment. The site policy is to ‘file’ chapels within the county they belong to rather than by circuit.

    I appreciate this can be difficult where people are searching for a chapel within a particular circuit where the principle chapel is in one county and other chapels my be geographically in another. We generally encourage people to search for chapels using the search function rather than by drilling down by county.

    By Geoff Dickinson (23/12/2016)
  • Please could this moved to the Yorkshire section,with the rest of the Dent circuit chapels.

    By Andrew Souter (22/12/2016)
  • This chapel was built in 1876, then in the Middleham circuit. In 1885 the Dent circuit was formed with chapels at Dent 1840, Garsdale 1841, Cotterdale 1835, Hawes Junction 1876, and Deepdale 1889.

    By Andrew Souter (12/08/2013)

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