Ladmanlow Primitive Methodist Chapel Buxton Derbyshire

This chapel was built in 1883

August 9th 1899 / Minister - Rev. F.E. Heap(s) / Architect - G.E. Garlick / Contractor - M. Bennett
1899 Ladmanlow Primitive Methodist Chapel as it was in 1999
Keith Guyler 1999

The origins of the Primitive Methodist society here are unknown but it probably consisted of the workers and families of the Grin Low Lime Works.There was a chapel on this site which was moved brick by brick to Burbage just down the road. The 1876 plan shows a Sunday and a Monday evening service

The 1883 building cost £340. In 1912 membership was 19. Date of closure is unknown.

Query? One of the stones in the photos is dated 1899. Was this chapel built in 1883 or 1899?

In 2014 the chapel can be seen within the bounds of an extended house.(see photos)

Photos taken October 2014

OS Map Ref:119:SK041719

.Editor’s note (CH 04/2020)

The 1883 Primitive Methodist magazine contains two accounts of the laying of the foundation stones for a new Primitive Methodist chapel at Ladmanlow and its subsequent opening  in the Buxton station. It was after 14 years of trying.

The 660 (square) yards for the site land had been sold to them by the Duke of Devonshire for £30 and the magazine editor comments that “it would be well if other aristocratic landowners would follow the example of his Grace and afford facilities to their poorer neighbours to provide themselves with places of worship”.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1883 pages 571 and 761


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  • I’ve added information about the opening of the chapel from two notes in the 1883 Primitive Methodist magazine and the positive role played by the Duke of Devonshire.

    By Christopher Hill (26/04/2020)

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