Bournemouth Ensbury Park Primitive Methodist chapel

Columbia Rd Bournemouth BH10 4DZ

Ensbury Park Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1989

The Ensbury Park Primitive Methodist chapel shown in Keith Guyler’s photograph was opened in 1926 at the junction of Columbia Road and Beswick Avenue.  Its predecessor was opened in 1912.

The Flickr website contains a copy of the booklet issued at the Silver Jubilee in 1951 which outlines the story and many of the people involved.

On Google Street View in August 2012 the site is occupied by flats.

Silver Jubilee Booklet accessed August 4th 2015


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  • Dorset History Centre holds the following information relating to this chapel: 

    Ref. NM-1/S/5: Ensbury Park Primitive Methodist Chapel, built 1912 on Columbia Road,  first Minister Frederick J. Hopkins. Rebuilt 1926. Various Documents, e.g., Anniversary Booklets, History, Order of Services, Minutes, Registers.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (08/04/2018)

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