Fingringhoe Primitive Methodist chapel

Colchester CO5 7AG

Fingringhoe c.2000: not strictly a Primitive Methodist chapel as it was built in 1934 but the land was bought before Union!
provided by Andrew Topple, Church Steward
Fingringhoe Methodist Church
Andrew Topple 2020
Fingringhoe Primitive Methodist chapels

Land for original Fingringhoe Primitive Methodist chapel was purchased in 1863 for £10.

The land for the present chapel (which is on a different site) was purchased in 1929. The building contract was for £611 and the old chapel sold for £40.

In 2020 the chapel is retained by the Colchester Circuit and holds occasional services.

Thanks to Martin Broom for the information in the comment below and to Andrew Topple for the photographs. The chapel in the pictures was opened in 1934, after Methodist Union in 1932, but the land was purchased in 1929 so in my mind that counts as a Prim chapel!

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  • As the new chapel was opened in 1934, it was part of the United Circuit from the start. According to the first United Circuit Plan (last quarter 1934), the final services in the original (PM) chapel were conducted on October 28th by Mr W. Chatters (2.30pm) and Mr Taylor (6.30pm).
    The first Sunday in the new chapel was the Sunday after, with a services at 2.30pm (the Rev. Mr Featonby) and 6.30pm (Mr Chawner). The following Sunday (Nov 11th), services moved to 10.45am (Mr W. Smith) and 6.30pm (Mr Cook).
    The church was a very strong cause until 1959, when the younger membership moved to Artillery Street (former PM Chapel) to form the Gospel Airs.

    By Brian Clow (25/04/2020)

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