Langham Moor Primitive Methodist chapel

Chapel Road Langham CO4 5NZ

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Langham Moor Primitive Methodist chapel

Langham Moor Primitive Methodist chapel was originally opened on Queen Victoria’s Coronation Day -28/6/1838.  A new chapel was built (or the earlier chapel rebuilt) in 1860 at a cost of £200

The building is now a house.  Martin Broom – who provided this information – reports that  the chapel is said to have been built 30 degrees south of east as not sufficient length W-E.

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  • A feature in the latter years of the chapel was the united Anglican/Methodist Sunday school held in the chapel. In my early years of preaching (1950s), the floor was of brick and often pools of water gathered on the floor!

    By Brian Clow (25/04/2020)

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