Maldon Wantz Road Primitive Methodist chapel

Wantz Road, Maldon CM9 5DE

Ex PM Chapel in Wantz Rd.
Tim Banks
Maldon High Street Wesleyan Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1988

Wantz Road Primitive Methodist chapel joined with High Street Methodist Church in 1957. The Wantz Road building was sold to the Salvation Army the same year and continues to be used by them in 2015.

Keith Guyler’s notes say that the chapel in his picture is the former Primitive Methodist chapel in Wantz Road.  However, it is not the chapel currently occupied by the Salvation Army and visible in Google Street View on Wantz Road CM9 5DE. It is in fact the former Wesleyan chapel in High Street.

Thanks to Tim Banks for the recent photograph of the chapel in Wantz Road.

The background to the opening of the Primitive Methodist chapel is described by John Guy in the Primitive Methodist magazine of April 1861. He was one of the two initial missionaries to Maldon (W Brown was the other) in July 1857.

“In September following, a cottage was opened for a prayer meeting, and the formation of a society was the immediate result As winter approached, we obtained the use of a boat builder’s shop. This was a cold  place ; the floor was of earth, and we were exposed to the wind from every point of the compass. Sails were borrowed, and fastened up to screen us a little from wintry blasts. A large fire, lamps, rude candlesticks, some new forms, with bench for pulpit, gave the place some appearance of a sanctuary. A large congregation usually attended, and the word preached was with Divine power. And that old boatshed will never be forgotten. Subsequently, an old dwelling-house was hired, which has been called the school -room.” 

The new chapel was 32′ wide by 40′ long. It cost £430 but they had only raised £80 – less than the amount required by Connexional regulations.

Opening services started from November 25th 1860.

50  years later, the Primitive Methodist magazine  praises the initiatives of Henry Parrott, raising it “from almost a state of collapse”.  It included: “Maldon chapel has been refloored and reseated, provided with new heating arrangements, new windows, and is in fact practically new altogether except the four walls and the roof.”  The work included a “pretty English pipe organ”  and of the overall cost of £450 only £150 was outstanding.


Primitive Methodist magazine April 1861 page 231-232

Primitive Methodist magazine February 1910 page 160


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  • Early Prims were expert at making the best of what little they had. I’ve added details of the way the society in Maldon set up a very unsuitable boathouse as their place to meet.

    By Christopher Hill (27/03/2018)
  • Thanks for the picture Tim.

    By Christopher Hill (29/03/2016)
  • As requested, please find attached a photo of the former PM Chapel in Wantz Road, Maldon.

    By Tim Banks (27/03/2016)

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