Lydbrook Primitive Methodist Chapel, Gloucestershire

The Sungreen Website – Lydbrook and district has a picture of the stone-laying ceremony for the new chapel at Lydbrook in 1912.Follow this link to view the picture.

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There’s an account by Levi Ramsden in the Primitive Methodist magazine of the re-opening of Lydbrook Primitive Methodist chapel in 1855.

“Our people visited this village about twenty-nine years ago, and the first chapel was built in the year 1828, with which our friends struggled nobly, and in time paid off all the debt. This chapel became too small for the congregation which regularly attended. The greater part of it was therefore taken down in 1852, and a neat substantial edifice was erected, 30ft. in length, and 21ft. in width.

Since then the progress of the society and the congregation has been such as to require still more accommodation. An end gallery has therefore been put in, four seats deep, and repairs and painting done at the same time.

On the 27th of May, 1855, the chapel was re-opened, when three excellent sermons were preached by Mr. N. Pascoe, Miss E. Williams, and Mr. L. Ramsden. A delightful influence pervaded all the services, and we believe good was done. A liberal collection was made, considering the trying state of trade in the village, and donations have been given. The trustees tender their thanks to all who have assisted them in any way. May this house be the birth-place of many precious souls.”


Primitive Methodist magazine August 1855 p.497


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  • Gloucestershire Archives:

    Ref. D2598/9/7: Deeds for Lydbrook Primitive Methodist Chapel & Sunday Schoolroom, c.1852, 1855-1913. To include Appointment of Trustees 1896-1932, 1933-1955. (22 documents).

    Ref. D2598/9/8: 2 photographs (copies) with 4 documents, Lydbrook Primitive Methodists Womens’s Own, with list of names.

    By Raymond Earl Oswine Ella (21/05/2018)

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