Cadnam Primitive Methodist chapel

Southampton Road Cadnam SOUTHAMPTON SO40 2NQ

Cadnam Methodist chapel | Keith Guyler 1988
Cadnam Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1988
Return from Cadnam Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship | Provided by David Tonks
Return from Cadnam Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
Provided by David Tonks

The present Cadnam Methodist church started as a Primitive Methodist Society in 1833.  They met in a small building, possibly wooden, which stood on the site of “Roselands” at the rear of the Cadnam Police house. In  1865  a piece of unfenced wasteland, part of the New Forest was acquired  to build a new chapel  The society was part of the Sway Circuit and the Superintendent minister at the time was Rev. John Wright.

n 1965, because of increased traffic using the popular A31 holiday route to the South Coast, the society relocated to the former Congregational Church.  This is the chapel in Keith Guyler’s picture; although his notes label it as the former Primitive chapel, it is actually the same as the building shown on the current church website (2014), located on Old Romsey Road by the White Hart.  Can anyone confirm this?

For some years the old chapel by the roundabout was retained and used as a hall. After the present church hall was opened in 1978 the old chapel was sold and two houses were built on the site, one of which is called “Chapel House”.  I can’t find this on Google Street View, largely because I don’t know what I’m looking for.  Can anyone cast light on where it is and whether any of the 1865 chapel building survives?  The postcode at the head of this page is for Chapel House.

The story of how Cadnam Primitive Methodist chapel grew  into the current Cadnam Methodist church can be seen on the church website.

Cadnam Methodist church website, accessed July 24th 2015


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  • Brilliant detail; thank you Jill

    By Christopher Hill (01/07/2016)
  • The location of the 1865 chapel was on Southampton Road just west of the roundabout on the A31.  Looking north there is an old cottage set back from the old A31 and the chapel was next to it on the right where there is now a new house with a hedge and conifers. The 2 other new houses nearer the roundabout are on the site of several small old cottages in a terrace.  The back part of the chapel building comprised accommodation for the chapel caretakers who had use of the plot of land on the west hand side where they grew flowers and vegetables. There was also a large plum tree and 2 apple trees, and a small patch of grass where there was a well supplying water.

    By Jill Whitehead (30/06/2016)

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