Stoke Lane Primitive Methodist chapel

Stoke Hill, Stoke St. Michael, Radstock, BA3 5JJ

Stoke Lane:. Return no: 322 1 6 14
provided by David Tonks 2021

The return from the Primitive Methodist society at Stoke Lane (also known as Stoke St Michael)  to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship tells us that the society was meeting in a house occupied by John Parfitt

It was big enough to hold 40 people and on Census Sunday, 9 people attended the morning eservice and 25 the evening one.

Initially I couldn’t find a Primitive Methodist chapel on historic Ordnance Survey maps of Stoke Lane, so thought the house was never replaced by a chapel. But thanks to Mark Collins in the comment below for location the chapel, still in existence and in residential use on Stoke Hill.

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  • Thank you for tracking the chapel down Mark. I’ve corrected the page and added a little detail. It would be good to add a picture of the chapel as it is now.

    By Christopher Hill (18/03/2024)
  • The chapel is shown on early 20th century maps, on Stoke Hill, so it was a chapel. The building is still there, shown as a house on Google Streetview 2021.

    By Mark Collins (18/03/2024)

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