Chapels registered before 1867

Location of Primitive Methodist chapels in Shropshire 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (

This is a list of chapels that had been registered by 1867. Remember that registration was not compulsory. As registration was valid until cancelled, however, there may be duplication: i.e.  both the old and new chapels in a place may be listed. We have also discovered that the official location may not be the same as the name by which the chapel is commonly described. Some of the Shropshire chapels have proved very difficult to locate.

Unless otherwise stated each of these places of worship is described as a chapel.

The numbers on the list relate to places, and match those on the map. The base map is provided under this licence

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ChapelNotesRegistration District
Aston-on-Clun, Ebenezer3Clun
Aston, Worthen4Montgomery
Auddle House,Upper Row, Cwym-Cae, Mainstone5Clun
Bayston Hill, Condover6Atcham
Bent Lane, Ditton Priors7Bridgnorth
Besford WoodRalph’s meeting house8Wem
Bishop’s Castle9Clun
BurltonMeeting house10Wem
Butlers Bank11Wem
Butlers BankWem
Clee St. Margaret’s12Ludlow
Cleobury Mortimer13Cleobury Mortimer
Clunton, Clunbury15Clun
Coalpit Bank16Wellington
Cold Hatton Heath18Wellington
CottonAshley’s meeting house19Wem
Culmington, The Golden Plackett20Ludlow
East Wall21Church Stretton
Edgerley, Jubilee, Kinnerley22Oswestry
Edwardson GreenA building24Whitchurch
Ellerdine Heath25Wellington
EnchmarshA building occupied by Francis Edwards26Church Stretton
Exford Green, Condover27Atcham
Foston Heath, Fitz28Atcham
Frodesley, Brick Yardthe residence of George Jobson, Brick maker29Atcham
Hatchwood[Unable to trace]32Bridgnorth
HaycrustA building occupied by Joseph Preece34Church Stretton
Hayton Bent35Ludlow
High HattonNew Lodge37Wem
High Heath, HinstockA building38Market Drayton
Hope’s Gate, Worthen, Ebenezer39Montgomery
Hopstone, ClaverleyBuilding occupied by Mr John Hatton40Bridgnorth
Hopton Bank41Cleobury Mortimer
Hopton,  Greatness42Ellesmere
HorsehayNear the “Labour in Vain Inn”43Madeley
Kenstone45Market Drayton
Knochern Heath, Kinnerley46Oswestry
Leemore Common48Church Stretton
Lightmoor, Jubilee49Madeley
Ludlow, Old Street50Ludlow
Maesbrook, Kinnerley51Oswestry
Market Drayton52Market Drayton
Marsh Green, High Ercall53Wellington
Moreton WoodA building55Market Drayton
Much Wenlock, Mardol Lane57Madeley
Newport, Stafford Street, Ebenezer58Newport
Norton in Halesx260Market Drayton
Oaken Gates61Wellington
Old Park62Madeley
Old Park63Wellington
Oswestry, Castle Field64Oswestry
Perkins Beech66Montgomery
Picklescott HillBuilding occupied by Timothy Pinches67Church Stretton
Pool Head68Wem
Prees Green70Wem
Prees, Higher HeathEvan’s meeting house71Wem
Prees, Lower HeathMeeting house72Wem
Primrose Bank73Ludlow
Rhyhill Farm Cottage, Whixhill74Wem
RowtonVicker’s Meeting House76Wellington
Ruyton, Brown Hill, Jubilee77Oswestry
Saint Martin’s Moor78Oswestry
Shawbury Heath79Wem
Shiffnal, Dark Lane, the Tabernacle80Shiffnal
Shrewsbury, Castle Court81Shrewsbury
SnailbeachPreaching house82Montgomery
Somer Wood, High Ercall83Wellington
St. George’s, Jubilee84Wellington
Stoke Heath85Market Drayton
Stoke St. Milborough86Ludlow
Tern HillA building87Market Drayton
The Green, parish of Bishop’s Castle88Clun
Twitchen, Clunbury90Clun
Walford Heath, Baschurch91Ellesmere
Welch Hampton92Ellesmere
Wellington, Tan Bank93Wellington
Welsh End94Wem
Wem, Chapel Street95Wem
West Felton, Houghton Chapel96Oswestry
WhixallParson’s Meeting House97Wem
Wollerton Wood100Market Drayton
WolverleyWild’s meeting house101Wem
Worthern, Mount Zion102Montgomery
Wrockwardine Wood103Wellington
Yorton Heath104Wem

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  • Thank you Alison for pointing out the broken links to Delia Garratt’s thesis. I have replaced them with the current link. I’ve also made a comment which bears repeating here: the most secure links to any thesis are provide by the British Library’s Ethos service, which may be found at

    By Philip Thornborow (19/02/2021)
  • Besford Wood and Paper Mill are covered in Moston Chapel entry. In a slightly different direction and whether there might be a connection or not, the following extract is from the Clive Methodist Chapel Centenary Booklet 1859-1959: “John Pye came to Hill Farm in 1916 and had been a keen worker at Moston Chapel in the Prees Green Circuit. Joining the Methodist Church at Clive, he was appointed Sunday School Superintendent in 1917, which office he held until 1950. He was sent as a delegate from the Shrewsbury District to the Leeds and Derby Conferences. One of his proudest possessions was an original plan of the Primitive Methodist Church in the Tunstall Circuit, dated 1812. He and his wife Hannah were devoted to Clive Chapel.” His family remained actively involved in the Clive Chapel until it closed in the 1960’s. Delia Garratt includes a copy of the 1874 Prees Green Circuit Preaching Plan in her PhD Thesis ‘Primitive Methodism in Shropshire 1820 – 1900’, Univ. Leicester, 2000, in her appendices. T. Pye, Besford Wood is listed as a preacher (supernumerary). This work is referenced under ‘Research Resources’ on this site, but neither of the links seem to be working. It might be possible to find it through another route. The Prees Green Circuit records are in Shropshire Archives.

    By Alison Shepherd (18/02/2021)
  • Helen, thank you so much for your comment. I am intending to do some research into people, like your ancestor, who felt that being a Local Preacher was so important that they had to record it on the Census as well as their day job. In Thomas Pye’s case he only seems to have done so in 1861, which raises more questions. What you would need to do is look at the records of Besford Wood chapel (if they exist). They would be in Shropshire Archives. You are more likely to find information about his preaching career from the records of the Circuit. It looks like this would be Prees Green. Again, they would be in Shropshire Archives: you need to find the Preaching plans and records of the Local Preachers Meeting. There is a scan of an 1851 Preaching plan for Press Green on this site, and it reveals that in 1851 Thomas was a prayer leader. So he was clearly involved in the life of the church. That plan reveals that there were preaching places at Besford Wood and Paper Mill, so as he lived next door tat second place may be where he wrorshipped. Thanks again, and let’s hope you are able to find out more once we come out of lockdown.

    By Philip Thornborow (17/02/2021)
  • Hi Philip, I have been doing some family history research and find that my great great grand dad may have been a preacher at the Besford Wood Chapel. He is listed as living next to the Paper Mill and as a Methodist Preacher on the Census of 1861. His name was Thomas Pye. If you have any more information, I would be delighted to find out. Thanks. Helen Owen (Nee Pye)

    By Helen Owen (12/02/2021)

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