Llanrosser Primitive Methodist Chapel, Herefordshire

Llanrosser PM Chapel SO2837
Copyright Jeremy Bolwell
Photo taken July 2017 during conversion to a dwelling
E & R Pearce
Chapel pictured in June 1992
David Hill
Interior of chapel in 2006
David Hill
Photo taken July 2017 of Chapel plaque
E & R Pearce

Built in 1866. With a name like that it sounds as if it is in Wales, which just goes to show what a very Welsh place Herefordshire was up until about WW1.

Currently on the market for residential conversion according to my local rag (20/8/2015)

Llanrosser is the name of a place which consists of two farms and the chapel.

In 2017 the chapel had been sold. The purchaser went to the Sunday School as a child. His great grandfather was a preacher and a founding father of the chapel. The new owner has brought the outside of the chapel back to how it was originally. He intends to live in it when the renovations are complete.(31/07/2017)


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  • Llanrosser was in Wales. Before the Saxon, Jute Angles and anybody else who cared to step in during the seventh / eighth century Wales border was basically the River Severn. Having spent the last three years deciphering period documents and land Grants for early Kingdoms post Roman Britain it is very obvious the political gesturing, lying and manipulation resulted in huge parts of Welsh Kingdoms gone forever..

    By Paul Wood (22/08/2019)
  • This page was modified on 20 November 2015 to include additional photographs of the chapel provided by David Hill.

    By Geoff Dickinson (20/11/2015)

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