St Weonards, Herefordshire

something of a mystery?

St Weonards, Herefordshire
St Weonards, Herefordshire
Chapel in July 1990 | David Hill
Chapel in July 1990
David Hill
Hidden behind the trees in 2011 | David Hill
Hidden behind the trees in 2011
David Hill

The date over the door of this chapel is hard to read. It certainly begins with 186, and may well be 1861 or 1864. The chapel stands at the bottom of a hill just outside St Weonards, on the main road towards Hereford. There is however, for me at least, a mystery attached to it.

Before I retired, I used to drive up and down this road fairly often, and I was sure the noticeboard on the wall said “Baptist Chapel” (or “Church”). Then the chapel disappeared behind the trees which grew between it and the road, though if you pushed your way through the trees, the door was open and you could go in – though the building was empty.

In February 2014 I drove past it again, and the trees have been cut down, and the building put into its present state, shown on the photographs (kindly taken for me by the man running the village post office and shop). The inscription over the door is Primitive Methodist Chapel. So did the chapel pass into the hands of the Baptists, or am I imagining the noticeboard I thought used to be displayed on the wall?

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  • Broadmoor Common. Not to be confused with Broadmoor.

    By Stephen Horsfield (28/04/2017)
  • I’ve seen this one for the first time today right on the old road from Hereford to Monmouth. My reading of the date is 1864. On passing to the Baptists, the chapel in the woods on Broad Marsh common at Woolhope was sold recently by the Baptist church, so that definitely had passed into the hands of the Baptists

    By Stephen Horsfield (03/04/2014)

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