Marden Beech Primitive Methodist chapel

Old Chapel Studio Plain Road Marden TONBRIDGE TN12 9LS

Marden Beech Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1986
former Marden Beech Primitive Methodist Chapel after conversion to a home
Rupert Tipples 27th August 2018

Marden Beech Primitive Methodist chapel as shown in Keith Guyler’s photograph was opened in 1865 and accommodated 50.  It is south of Maidstone and one mile south of Marden.

There is an account by SJ Southwood of its opening in the Primitive Methodist magazine of May 1866 .  It took place on January 17th  1866.  Marden Beach chapel (as it was spelled in the magazine) was part of the Marden Mission. The new chapel which measured 27′ x 18′ cost £130 of which only £44, including the land, from Mr Tipples. The plans were drawn up, for free, by Mr Brooks.  Preachers at the opening events included HJ Allen (Hammersmith), J Middleton, W Freear, Rev J Chamberlain and SJ Southwood

The original chapel was built in 1848 and is believed to have had a thatched roof.  In 1932 the Wesleyans and the Primitive Methodists joined together as the “Methodist Church” but Marden continued to have 2 chapels until 1965 when the old Wesleyan Chapel in the village closed. With its larger congregation the Beech Chapel survived for longer, but has now been converted to a dwelling, the Old Chapel Studio.


Primitive Methodist magazine of May 1866 pages 306=307

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  • Thanks Rupert for the picture of the chapel as it was in 2018.

    By Christopher Hill (20/02/2019)
  • I’ve added details of an account of the chapel opening from the Primitive Methodist magazine. It does indeed confirm that the land came from Mr W Tipples, “who sold us the land and generously returned the purchase money”.

    By Christopher Hill (19/02/2019)
  • Rupert,

    You can email pictures to the e-mail address on the “Contact Us’ page on this website. We can then upload them onto the page. Please add any wording you would like to see as captions in the e-mail.

    By Geoff Dickinson (14/12/2018)
  • Thank you Geoff.
    I have already researched through Marden History Group and still have to write up my findings. I will pursue the Kent Archives idea of records of trustees meetings.. I took a picture recently of the buildings present state. Can I email it to the website?

    By Rupert Tipples (13/12/2018)
  • Rupert,

    You may find historical documents such as the Minutes of Trustees Meeting in the County archive.
    I have also identified online a Marden History Group that may be able to help.

    By Geoff Dickinson (13/12/2018)
  • I am interested in the part the Tipples family played in the church. I understand the land may have been given by William Tipples (1797-1878) and various descendant’s involved. Are there any documentary resources available about Marden Beech. PMC?
    How can I access them, please?

    By Rupert Tipples (13/12/2018)

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