New Brompton Primitive Methodist chapel

New Brompton Primitive Methodist chapels

The 1885 Primitive Methodist magazine records  the laying of the foundation stones for a new Primitive Methodist chapel at New Brompton in the Chatham station. For 16 years they had worshipped in a small chapel but were building a new one to seat 250. The old chapel will be used as a school.

Thanks to Malcolm Gladwin – see the comments below – for clarifying where the chapel was and what happened to it and its successor.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1885 page 251-252

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  • The Builder, vol.72, iss. 2819, page 1155, Feb., 13, 1897 :
    PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL. – The trustees of the P. M. Chapel, New Brompton, Kent, have approved of sketch plans for a new chapel and Sunday School upon a site where the existing iron church stands (Gillingham-road) and have instructed their architect (Mr. E. J. Hammond, North Brompton ) to proceed with plans and specifications forthwith.*
    * but was the construction delayed, or not.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella (25/08/2021)
  • Thanks for the update Malcolm. I’ve added the map and a request for a picture of the Nelson Street chapel.

    By Christopher Hill (18/02/2021)
  • Details from ‘The Gillingham Chronicles’ by Ronald A. Baldwin (1998):-
    “The foundations of the New Brompton Primitive Methodist Church were laid in October 1869 in Gillingham Road about 50 yards from the Fleur-de-Lys public house. Made of corrugated iron and known as the Tin Chapel, it existed as the home of the Blind and Cripple Guild. The early days were difficult and uneventful until the Rev. Wardle’s ministry which increased the membership to 115 by 1900. Land was purchased in Nelson Road in 1899 but not until 1923 was a church built there. However, as with many churches in the post-war period it declined, and closed in 1936.”
    The Nelson Road Church subsequently became the Salem Church of the Nazarene. The Tin Chapel in Gillingham Road is no longer there. I notice that on their Facebook page today that it states that the Church will permanently close this year, but will be hold a Thanksgiving Service before it does.

    By Malcolm Gladwin (18/02/2021)

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