Platt's Heath Primitive Methodist chapel

The church, Platt's Heath on a photograph from around 1908
David Munro

The 1878 Primitive Methodist magazine contains a note of the opening of a “very pretty and neat” Primitive Methodist chapel at Platt’s Heath in the Ashford station.

The 1897 and 1908 Ordnance Survey maps don’t show a Primitive Methodist chapel that I can see.  Where was it and what happened to it?  See the suggestions in the comments below.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1878 page 190

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  • Have learned it was John Cooper my grandfather’s father who was a Methodist Minister there in 1877 until 1880. His is listed in the 1881 Censes living at Mansion Farm as a Harness maker.

    By David L Munro (05/03/2024)
  • Is there any record of the Minister who was there at the opening of this church. There is a note on the photo we have that says ” This is the church He built”. This date is before Grandfather was Born in 1872. May be his Father but we have no record of his name.

    By David L Munro (22/01/2024)
  • I’ve attached the photograph of the church in Platt’s Heath mentioned in David Munro’s comment. David’s grandparents were William Henry Cooper and Martha Young.

    On the site in 2023 is a building with similar footprint in use as village hall and church. Although the front wall is different, the four tall windows on the southern side look very similar.

    Most Primitive Methodist services would be taken by local preachers – lay church members who would be timetabled to take services in different chapels in the area (called a circuit). If he was a Primitive Methodist, David’s grandfather could have been a local preacher.

    By Christopher Hill (12/01/2024)
  • I have a photo of this church from around 1908 1910 just before my Grandmother and family left for Canada.
    I am not positive but I think my Grandfather was a lay minister there before he left for Canada in 1909.

    By David L Munro (08/01/2024)
  • On the 1897 and 1908 OS maps the hall on School Lane is labelled St Edmund’s Chapel with no indication of denomination. Did the Prims use it?

    By Christopher Hill (18/02/2021)
  • I think this is the St Edmunds Centre in Platts Heath, which may have been a Primitive Methodist (Sunday) School at some time. It was C. of E. but I think is now used as the Village Hall.

    By Malcolm Victor Gladwin (18/02/2021)

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