Shottenden Primitive Methodist chapel

Denne Manor Lane Shottenden CANTERBURY CT4 8JH

Shottenden Primitive Methodist Chapel
David Drury
This picture is labelled Shottenden Primitive Methodist chapel by Keith Guyler, who took it, but it almost certainly isn't. Where might this building be?
Keith Guyler 1986

Shottenden is a large hamlet south east of Faversham. ¬†The Primitive Methodist chapel on Denne Manor Lane which accommodated¬†has been converted into a house but still carries a stone above the middle window saying ‘Primitive Methodist Chapel 1875’

There was once a home-made war memorial here made from oak and pine. It is now in Chilham Church for safe-keeping. Even in this tiny place eight men linked with the village died in the Great War (although details of only seven are given)

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  • Reply to Jo Weaver.
    Yes, according to my father, Reuben Drury and his family lived in Hare’s Cottage and latermoved into Vernon Cottage just around the corner from Hare’s Cottage. My father, Maurice, was born in Hare’s Cottage in 1900.

    By David Drury (07/02/2022)
  • I think I now live in the house your grandfather lived in – Hares Cottage. We have recently moved here and very interested in the history of our home.

    By Jo Weaver (12/06/2021)
  • My interest in the Primitive Methodists is that my grandfather was a lay preacher and lived with his family in Shottenden from shortly before the turn of the twentieth century to about 1908 – my father was born there and went to school in Chilham.  Family legend has it that my grandfather, a carpenter, made a pew, pulpit or something of that sort, and that he had carved his ‘signature’ on it.  Should any of your website visitors have any knowledge of this I’d be very interested.

    I’d also be very interested in any information any of your subscribers might have about my grandfather Reuben Drury.  Earlier in his live, sometime around 1881, he was a Colporteur.  At the time he was living in Folkestone, but I have no information about his religious allegiance at that time. 

    A colporteur was someone employed by a religious society to distribute bibles and other religious tracts.

    By David Drury (24/10/2015)
  • The chapel pictured above as Shottenden Primitive Methodist Chapel may not be correct.  Another chapel, now like the one pictured a private house, with date stone ‘inscribed’ Primitive Methodist Chapel 1875 – pictured above – better fits the description in the text.

    By David Drury (19/07/2015)

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