Barnoldswick Bethel Primitive Methodist Chapel

Station Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire

Interior, c1920
postcard belonging to Steven Wild

On the back of the postcard shown here is written: ‘Station Road PM Church taken 30 or 40 years ago. Now to be demolished and the site used for a new library. The organ has had to be sold for scrap – £250.’

Information added 10/2017 by CH

The opening of the first Barnoldswick Primitive Methodist chapel is recorded by J Hedley in the Primitive Methodist magazine (1859 page 241).

Mr Bracewell sold the land for the chapel and made a sizeable donation. John Lonsdale laid foundation stone on 24/06/1858 when the preachers were Rev J Rumfitt and J Hedley. The opening preachers on 05/12/1859 were WH Walton and J Hedley.

The chapel cost £200 of which nearly half had been raised by the opening.

Is the 1859 chapel the same one as in the photograph?

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  • I have been told that land was given by William Bracewell in Market Street, Newtown Barnildswick in 1851 and a chapel built which is now my house. The chapel shown in the picture was built in 1859 from land given by the same person.
    Apparently there is an account in the local library of the Jubilee of the church which explains this although I haven’t looked myself.
    I am not sure if any of this is factually correct but would like to know if this is the history of my house.

    By Susan Dwyer (27/11/2018)
  • I’ve added to this page information from the Primitive Methodist magazine (1859 page 241) about the first opening of Barnoldswick Primitive Methodist chapel.  Is that the same  chapel in the postcard or is Bethel a later one? 

    By Christopher Hill (17/10/2017)

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