Crompton Fold Shore Edge Primitive Methodist chapels

Shore Edge, Crompton Fold, Grand Stand, Shaw, Oldham OL2 8LX

Crompton Fold Shore Edge Primitive Methodist chapels

Crompton Fold was a village associated with Brook Cotton Mill and Crompton Hall.  It lies on Jones Road (now Buckstones Road) about ⅔ mile NE of Shaw town centre.  The still-existing 1873 chapel lies less than a quarter of a mile to the SE.  About 200 yards east of that chapel is an escarpment called Shore Edge which gave its name to the chapel.

Earlier chapels

According to the 1851 Census Return for Cromptonfold (sic) PM chapel, the first chapel was occupied from 1821 until the 2nd chapel, with seating for 250 people, replaced it in 1842.  The Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society website: St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Shaw, ‘1811-1961 Anniversary Booklet, A Brief History’ tells us: ‘The Primitive Methodist Chapel at Shore Edge was built in 1846 (sic).  It was erected on common land belonging to the township, for at a Vestry Meeting held at Shaw [Wesleyan] Chapel it was resolved to sell them so many yards of land as was required for the nominal sum of 20s.  Surely this was a case of toleration.’

There is no building labelled ‘chapel’ in or around Crompton Fold on the 1844-48 6” OS map.  However, there is a building labelled ‘School’ scaling at about 33’ x 24’ on the spot where the 3rd chapel will be built.

1867:  The 1867 Registrar-General’s List of Places for Public Religious Worship: Lancashire includes

‘No. 34: Crompton Fold and Crompton Fold Sunday School, Oldham Registration District’.

Were these two separate buildings or chapel upstairs and school downstairs?

1868:  The Rochdale Observer of 25 April reports that two sermons were preached at the PM chapel, Crompton Fold.

1870:  The Rochdale Observer of 15 January reports that a lecture was delivered in the PM School, Crompton Fold, by the Rev. William Rowe.  ‘Subject: The warning lessons from a mis-spent life’!  His?

The current (3rd) chapel

1873:  The Rochdale Observer of 19 April reports that the Crompton Local Board gave approval to a plan prepared by Mr. John Wild, architect, Oldham, of intended extensions to be made at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Crompton Fold.  The date-stone on the chapel shows it was built in 1873.  This date is confirmed on the Wikipedia page for Shaw and Crompton.  The chapel can be seen on the 1891/92 25” OS map, labelled ‘Methodist Chapel (Primitive)’.  It scales at 48’ x 35’, with a room (schoolroom?) behind scaling at 18’ x 24’.

‘Intended extensions’ suggests that the new chapel was created by extending the 1842 school/chapel (about 33’ x 24’) back by another 24’.

1874:  The first report of the new chapel appeared in the Rochdale Observer of 18 April, that two sermons had been preached.

1877:  The Preaching Plan for the 4th quarter, Oldham 1st Circuit shows the following Places: Henshaw Street [Oldham], Shore Edge, Chadderton [Middleton Road], Royton [probably Oldham Road rather than Fir Lane], North Moor, Middleton Road [Royton], Shaw [Refuge Street] and Ashton Road [‘Bethel’, Copster Hill Road].  There were two Sunday services at Shore Edge, at 2.30 and 6, all of which were led by lay preachers apart from one week when one of the two circuit ministers took both, and another week when the other minister took the evening service.  There were also fortnightly Tuesday evening meetings led by one of the ministers.

1880:  Despite being named ‘Shore Edge’ in the 1877 Preaching Plan, the Rochdale Observer continued to call the chapel the PM chapel/schoolroom, Crompton Fold, until 1880.  The edition of 19 April reported on a public meeting held in the PM Schoolroom.  The next time the chapel was mentioned, in the edition of 26 February 1910, it was called the Primitive Methodist (school), Shore Edge, Shaw.

1940: The Register of Methodist Buildings: District 822. Oldham (Middleton Road) lists:

‘Shore Edge: Primitive Methodist; Stone and Brick; 240 seats; Pews; 2 halls; 5 rooms.’

Oldham Local Studies and Archives holds records for the chapel for the period 1870-1926.

The Shore Edge Methodist chapel continues in use.


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