Dalton-in-Furness Ulverston Road/Queen Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lancashire

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Dalton in Furness, Ulverston Road Chapel, front, 3.7.2016
G.W. Oxley
Dalton in Furness, Ulverston Road Chapel, Queen street side, 3.7.2016
G.W. Oxley
Dalton in Furness, Ulverston Road Chapel, date plaque, 3.7.2016
G.W. Oxley

Ulverston Road chapel was built in 1868. This is almost certainly the chapel used by the Primitive Methodists before their move to Cleator Street. Both the location and the date of construction correspond with Christopher Hill’s statement on his Cleator Street page that the old PM chapel was built in Ulverston Road fifteen years before  Cleator street. The building is now used as a  place of worship by Seventh Day Adventists.

This building is in what was, by 1868, a rather old fashioned classical design. It is similar to Sandgatehead WM in Penrith (1815), Market Place WM in Cockermouth (1840), and Cecil Street PM in Carlisle (1853). Like Cecil Street it had the  Sunday school below the chapel in a semi basement. The building also makes a marked contrast with Wellington Street WM which had been built in Dalton five years earlier in the gothic style.


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  • Confirmation that this was indeed the first Primitive Methodist chapel comes in the form of a deed dated 2nd September 1867 whereby Thomas Woodbourne of Ulverston sold a piece of land at the corner of Queen Street and Ulverston Road to a body of trustees ( Thomas Cowin, Thomas Garth, Peter Wright Jones, Thomas Jackson, James Bewsher, Thomas Walmsley, William Stewartson all of Dalton-in-Furness, miners; William Robinson of Ireleth Marsh, miner; John Mason of Barrow-in-Furness, shoemaker; Miles Gregg and John Oldham of Barrow-in-Furness, builders; James Postlethwaite of Chester, master of union) for £51.13.0d. John Grey, “superintendant preacher of the circuit or station of the Primitive Methodist Connexion of Dalton-in-Furness” was also party to the deed.
    Cumbria Archives Service, Barrow BDFCCC 4/2/2/1

    By G W Oxley (24/12/2020)

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