Preston Fylde Road Primitive Methodist chapel

Preston Fylde Road Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1894 Primitive Methodist magazine records that the iron chapel that had been the home of the Primitive Methodist society at Fylde Road was being replaced by a “new and substantial” Chapel. It was in the Preston Second station. The 1901 Primitive Methodist magazine tells us that the former tin chapel had been burnt down and recorded that the timber lining of match boarding¬† made them very vulnerable.¬† At the time of publication the cause had not been established, but the fire was seen as further evidence that no more iron chapels should be built; not only were they a fire risk, they were poor value for money as they did not last.

The 1909 Ordnance Survey map shows a large Primitive Methodist chapel on the west side of Fylde Road, just south of its junction with Victoria Street/Greenbank Street, next to The Guild pub.  The chapel has a large Sunday school behind it.

The 1892 Ordnance Survey map shows a chapel on the rear of the site, in the position later occupied by the Sunday School. It is still there, labelled as Fylde Road Methodist church in the 1972-1988 series of maps but does not appear on Street View.


Primitive Methodist magazine June 1894 page 477

Primitive Methodist magazine January 1901 page 76

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  • Thanks to brilliant detective work by Sue Latimer, a picture of an unknown chapel elsewhere on this site has been identified as Fylde Road chapel in Preston. You can see it here.

    By Christopher Hill (15/12/2022)
  • My Great Grandad Hogg laid the foundation stone at the Fylde Road Methodist church, Preston

    By Sharon Nuttall (03/10/2021)

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