Binbrook Primitive Methodist chapel

Market Place, Binbrook LN8 6BG

Building identified by Keith Guyler as the 1836 Binbrook Primitive Methodist chapel; in fact it is the former Wesleyan chapel
Keith Guyler 1995
1836 Binbrook Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1995
1879 Binbrook Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1995

Keith Guyler gives details of two Binbrook Primitive Methodist chapels. The first Primitive Methodist chapel was built in 1836. It was replaced by the Market Place chapel in 1879, which closed in 1934.

After closure the first chapel became Preston’s private garage. The second chapel was sold in 1946 and became a butchers shop. In 2015 it is still in use by Preston’s butchers.

However, the collection holds three photographs of Binbrook chapels. Do the two pictures labelled as the 1836 chapel look to be of the same building to you; I didn’t think so.  Thanks to Christel for clarifying – see the comment below.

The 1836 opening is recorded by William Wombell in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1837 Opening events took place on Thurs, Fri & Sun 27,28 & 30th October when the preachers  included Thursday Mr J Butcher, Friday Rev S Marston and Sunday Wm Wombell. We are told that bought the ground at a very dear rate. The chapel measured 20’6″ (w) x 33’6″ (l) and 14′ (h).

location 1836 chapel:  209939

location 1879 chapel: 210938


Primitive Methodist magazine 1837 page 238

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  • O.S. Map, 25 inch scale, Lincolnshire XXX1X.13, surveyed 1887, published in 1888 :
    Top left of map shows Ranters Row where the first PM Chapel was built ( “in a lane” off the Market Place ), later named Ranter’s Row but then later changed to Mount Pleasant ).

    The following has a photo of the first PM Chapel in a lane off the Market Place with brief history.

    Another Ranters Row still has the name in Alford, Lincolnshire, posting on this website.

    Kind regards,
    Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla. (04/06/2022)
  • Thanks for clarifying the chapel identities Christel.

    By Christopher Hill (31/05/2016)
  • The top picture is the Old/Former Wesleyan Chapel built in 1815. The middle picture is the first Primitive Chapel and the bottom picture of the second Primitive Chapel. All data can be found in the two books by Charles Rawding.

    By Christel (30/05/2016)

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