Deeping St James Primitive Methodist chapel


The Primitive Methodists built a chapel which held 200 people in 1878 although the commemorative date on the front of the building says 1896.  It closed in 1945.

Since 1947 it has been used as a Masonic Hall.

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  • Deeping St James, Bridge Street and New Street Primitive Methodist Chapels, Lincolnshire
    There have been two Primitive Methodist Chapels in Deeping St James. The first, presumably built in 1878, was situated east of the second chapel on the south side of Bridge Street. It was a free standing building with a rather unusual footprint. It is a puzzle why it was abandoned so soon after construction in favour of the cramped site on the corner of New Street. It had been replaced by other buildings by 1899.
    In 1940 the New Street Chapel seated 200 in pews and there was a school hall and two other rooms. When it closed all evidence of its former occupants was removed but, in contrast with the Market Deeping Chapel, the date plaque and foundation stones were spared.
    OS 25 inch sheets for Lincolnshire CLII 2 1886/7 and 1899/1900 and CXLVII 14 1902/4
    Methodist Church Buildings: Statistical returns including seating accommodation as at July 1st 1940, No 698
    Site visit 27.12.2019
    The ground plan of Deeping St James PN Chapel was taken from the OS plan of Lincolnshire , sheet CLII 2 of 1886 and is reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland (Map images website).

    By G W Oxley (05/01/2020)

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