Freiston Shore Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln has the following records relating to this chapel:

Ref. MLI92231: Unlocated Site of Primitive Methodist Chapel, close to Freiston Shore, or Freiston:

A Primitive Methodist Chapel is recorded in the Census of Religious Returns as having been built in Freiston in 1838. The return was made by the chapel steward of Freiston Shore and a Primitive Methodist Chapel is mentioned by Thompson as being erected close to Freiston Shore in 1838. This chapel could accommodate around sixty persons and there were ten children attending the Sunday School which was attached to the chapel.

It is also mentioned in P.Thompson’s Histories & Antiquities of Boston, 1856 ed. P. Thompson mentions close to Freiston Shore. 

The chapel was part of the Boston PM Circuit 1838-1869.

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  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln :
    Additional :
    ref. Meth C/Freiston Shore.
    Primitive Methodist Chapel, accounts, 1854-77.

    Kind Regards, Ray & Marie.
    P. Thompson’s book states the Wesleyans erected a chapel in the parish in 1822 and a chapel was erected near Freiston Shore in 1838 by the Primitive Methodists , also a Sunday School attached 1856.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla. (07/06/2022)
  • See the description of its construction and opening in the 1839 Primitive Methodist Magazine p 459 by Jeremiah Gilbert “Chapels Built in the Boston Circuit” . Financial contributions from the MP, a pious fisherman, and a gentleman bather!

    By Peter Gilbert (24/09/2019)

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