Huttoft Primitive Methodist chapel

Church Lane Huttoft

graveyard from former Huttoft Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1994
Graveyard - 8 June 2017
Raymond Ella
Graveyard - 8 June 2017
Raymond Ella
Graveyard - 8 June 2017
Raymond Ella

Huttoft is east of Alford. Huttoft Primitive Methodist chapel, in Church Road,  dates from 1860. 

Huttoft Primitive Methodist society dates from 1857 and took over a former Baptist/Independent chapel three years later. The chapel closed in 1963 and was later demolished, although the cemetery remained at the time of Keith Guyler’s photograph in 1994. On Google Street View in 2009 it is still there but overgrown.

location: TF 512763

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  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln.-
    ref.DIOC/DISS/IB/1770/1 :
    Cerificate for Noncomformists Chapel, Huttoft, Independent, 1770.

    The Tabernacle Independent Congregational Chapel later built c.1780 or earlier becoming a Primitive Methodist Chapel in 1860.
    Note : at the time of building there were less restrictions for None-Anglican burial grounds.
    Regards, Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E.O. Ælla (30/10/2021)
  • Today I (Ray) on the way home to Cumberworth stopped in Huttoft and I walked down Church Lane to try and see if there was still a grave-marker for Phebe Bristow and to my amazement it was a tomb. The inscription mentions an abode in Mumby and that village is between Cumberworth and Huttoft. The tomb’s metal surround railings are broken and a crack in the base of the stone, has though the stone in the past had been lifted up?.

    The graveyard is very overgrown and some grave-markers can’t be seen. However, I noticed an eroded one with the year 1838 (or 1836, certainly 1830s), so the site was for burials for the former chapel before it became a worship place for the Primitive Methodists from 1860. I also noticed an overgrown grave-marker with ivy and the year 1928 could be seen, so other Primitive Methodists were buried there after Phebe and possibly before.


    Questions: how long will the graveyard survive. Whom is responsible for it, i.e., the Methodist Circuits at Louth or Alford or East Lindsey Council, or another authority. 


    Kind regards,

    Ray and on behalf of Marie, in Cumberworth.


    By Ray Ella (10/06/2017)
  • The PM graveyard is next to Oak Barn near St. Margaret’s Church and the graveyard there, some locals thinking that the PM graveyard is an extension (yet a near separate location)  for St Margaret‘s graveyard, but it is not so. 

    The Lincs to the Past website has two references to the chapel and associated graveyard. They provide the following information.

    “Tabernacle Independent Chapel was built in 1780 as a Congregational chapel. It came into use as a Primitive Methodist chapel in 1860, with seats for 109. The chapel closed in 1963 and had been demolished by the 1970s. A graveyard surrounded the former chapel, and is still extant. It possibly dates to the chapel’s Congregationalist use.”

    “The chapel was in the following circuits at the dates indicated:
    Alford Primitive Methodist Circuit to 1933
    Alford Methodist Circuit 1933-1963″



    By Mr. & Mrs. Ella (Ray & Marie) (31/05/2017)
  • Thanks for the additional information Ray and Marie and making the link between the chapels.  I see that your piece on Phoebe is added as a separate page, linked in your comment above.

    By Christopher Hill (24/05/2017)
  • From Ray (Mr. Ella): I was passing through Huttoft this morning in my car and the PM graveyard is still there, but not on Chapel Road it is on Chapel Lane. I did not stop because I had an appointment to keep but will go back again. I noticed the graveyard still had metal railings and was very overgrown and some headstones are now more leaning over and almost touching the ground and if the inscriptions are underside they will be difficult to read if not eroded.

    Phoebe is mostly documented Phebe.




    By Ray (24/05/2017)
  • Correction:

    Graveyard on Church Lane not Church Road. There is a Church Road though, also a Chapel Lane. Once again, graveyard down Church Lane.


    By Ray (24/05/2017)
  • Hello Christopher,

    Regarding your mention of Huttoft and a picture of the PM cemetery c.1994 by Keith Guyler:

    We wrote a short article about a Phebe Bristow (maiden surname Kirk) born in nearby Cumberworth for Cumberworth PM Chapel postings, Phebe having died in Huttoft and perhaps it would be more appropriate for the posting to be included for Huttoft. However, we can’t see our posting for Cumberworth?.

    We are not sure if the old PM cemetery is still there in Huttoft since the 2009 Google street view but if so there could be a survival of Phebe’s grave headstone?. 

    Kind regards,

    Mr. & Mrs. Ella (Ray & Marie), Cumberworth, Lincolnshire.

    By Mr. & Mrs. Ella (Ray & Marie). (19/05/2017)

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