Louth Primitive Methodist chapel


Louth Primitive Methodist chapel
Christian Messenger 1920/144

Louth was missioned in 1819  by Messrs King, Herod and Heath and a chapel built in Northgate.  It was repaced on the same site in 1836. Louth Primitive Methodist chapel opened on 23rd September 1836 and John Coulson tells us about it in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

Preachers at the opening events included Revs William Horton, Seth Dixon, Wm Wilson. and Messrs J Flesher, William Clowes, Wm Sanderson and William Harland.  So many people attended that they had several services in other buildings at the same time.

Membership rose from 40 in 1832 to 130 in 1836.

The new chapel measured 42′(w) x 42′(l)

A much larger structure, combining chapel and school was built in 1850, but after separate schools were built the building was changed to only be a chapel. It reopened on October 26 1873 after a string of changes including the installation  of Trusswell Brothers and Holden’s heating apparatus. We are told about this by James R Parkinson in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

The 1878 Primitive Methodist magazine tells us that the Sunday school at Louth was re-opened after extensive alterations costing around £600 of which £400 had been raised.


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