Martin Primitive Methodist chapels

High St, Martin, Lincolnshire LN4 3QY

1879 Martin Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1995
The original chapel in Mill Lane which became a house in 1879
Supplied by Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella).
The 1937 chapel in Mill Lane
Supplied by Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella).

The first Martin Primitive Methodist chapel was in Mill Lane and dates from 1837. After the second chapel was built in 1879 it became the Sunday School between 1879 and 1887. At the time of Keith Guyler’s photograph in 1996 it was “Chapel House”.

Opening celebrations took place on Sunday and Monday 9th & 10th July 1837. Preachers included Bro R Ramsey and Bro Wm Wombell , who wrote about it in the Primitive Methodist magazine. The chapel measured 20’6″ (w) x 30′ 6″ (l) x 12′(h).

The replacement chapel in the High Street dates from 1879 with a Sunday School added in 1887. The chapel served until 1988. At the time of Keith Guyler’s photograph in 1995 it is occupied by Majestic Crystal Limited, suppliers and engravers of glassware.

location 1837 chapel: 121602 Mill Lane Martin, Lincoln LN4 3QZ

location 1879 chapel: 122599 High St, Martin, Lincoln LN4 3QY


Primitive Methodist magazine 1837 page 472

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  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln has the following records concerning this chapel:

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin,Primitive/A1/1: Register of Baptisms, 1874-1924.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/G/4/1: United Services, 1932-3, Primitive Methodists & Wesleyan unification.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/H/4/1: Pupil Register 1862-1863.

    Ref. Meth/CMartin, Primtive/D: Trustees, Chapel Registration & Deeds.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/H/5/1: Note of members of teachers & scholars, year 1897.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/B/1: Minutes.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/G: Society Leaders.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/H/4: Accounts.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/H: Sunday School.

    Ref. Meth/C/Martin, Primitive/A: Registration & Membership.

    There are other documents, e.g., Women’s Groups, etc. 

    Kind regards,

    Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella).


    By Raymond E.O.Ella (06/12/2017)
  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

    Ref. MLI82835:

    This has a history to include the previous PM Chapel on Mill Lane and with photographs of it. It was once a single story building built 1837, the front roadside wall low down having a stone plaque reading ‘Primitive Methodist Chapel, built 1837’. In 1858 the Chapel was extended higher and an additional plaque near to the apex of the roof reading ‘Primitive Chapel 1858’, the words built and Methodist not included because it refers to the height-  extension. There is no picture of a third stone plaque but it can just be seen on one for the whole building low down on the left on the roadside wall. After further investigation, this stone plaque (and looking quite old) reads ‘Chapel House’. It is now a private home.

    Kind regards,

    Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella). 

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (05/12/2017)

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