Pinchbeck West Primitive Methodist chapel

Northgate Pinchbeck West PE11 3TB

1925 Pinchbeck West Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1995
Side view of the former Piinchbeck West Primitive Methodist chapel and school room from an old cutting
David Secker

The first Pinchbeck West Primitive Methodist chapel in Northgate dates from 1843/5  and was known as the Hosannah Primitive Methodist Chapel.

It was replaced in 1925 by a chapel built by the architect J. R. Baker, from Moulton Chapel. The same architect built an almost identical chapel at Moulton Chapel in 1902. The Sunday School from the earlier chapel, with round-arched openings and dentil brick cornices, was retained.  The 1925 chapel served until 1997 was then in use as a chapel named “Anjeli Chapel”. A metal plaque states that “This chapel was rebuilt in 1925 and renovated from 1998-2005”.

In 2013 it was sold as a six bedroomed house which would have cost you £233,000.

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  • According to press reports, land was purchased in 1842 and the chapel built in 1843 (Stamford Mercury 16/06/1843).
    The schoolroom opened 1909 at a cost of £240. It was designed and built by Messrs Greenfield of Boston.
    I have sent an image, from a cutting, of the old Primitive (the Hosannah). This shows the schoolroom on the right.

    By David Secker (22/04/2022)
  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln has he following records.

    Ref. MLI97695: Pinchbeck Primitive Methodist Church, The Angeli. 

    On the 1925 building there was/is a band of ashter with wording Primitive Methodist Church.

    The chapel was in the following circuits at the dates indicated:
    Donington Primitive Methodist Circuit 1843-1934
    Donington and Spalding Methodist Circuit 1934-1939
    Spalding Methodist Circuit 1939-1997

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (02/12/2017)
  • Follow the link to see a picture of the chapel and its members in 1893.

    By Geoff Dickinson (02/12/2017)

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