Seathorne/Skegness Bank Primitive Methodist chapel

Roman Bank Winthorpe PE25 1QP

1910 Seathorne/Skegness Bank Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1993

Seathorne Primitive Methodist chapel is in the northern part of the parish of Skegness and was formerly known as Skegness Bank Chapel until either around 1933 or 1980, depending on your source.

The first Seathorne Primitive Methodist chapel dates from 1836. The chapel was built for the Skegness Society who worshipped here until their new chapel at Roman Bank was built in 1881.  It was taken over by Winthorpe Primitive Methodist Society in 1882. A Sunday School was added in 1954 and the chapel closed in 2009.

Keith Guyler’s photograph shows the 1910 chapel on the left. His notes also say that the building on the right is the earlier chapel with a date of 1889 and is a much altered hall & community centre. This does not quite make sense: can anyone explain?

Just to add to the confusion – or maybe the clarity: in the 1837 Primitive Methodist magazine there is an account by John Coulson of the opening of what he calls Skegness Primitive Methodist chapel on July 24th 1836. He was on e of the preachers, along with Bro Stamp, Sister Stamp and R North. Mr W Green kindly gave the land for the new chapel, which measured 22′(w)  x 30′(l).

location: TF 568 657


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  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

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    Other Documents.

    Note: Skegness Bank area.


    By Raymond E.O.Ella (16/03/2018)
  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

    Ref. DIOC/DISS/4/1839/26: Certificate for Nonconformist Chapel to be given. Skegness Primitive Methodist, year 1839. 

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (16/03/2018)

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